What Is Five Four Club?

Five Four Club is an exclusive men’s monthly subscription service. For $60 a month, Five Four sends you a package of our own brand’s apparel valued at a $120 and up.

Do I Choose My Monthly Selections?

We’ve made shopping easy. A Five Four stylist picks your packages with your style profile in mind every month. No more wasting time on escalators or in check-out lines;  No more figuring out what looks good and what doesn’t. All you’ve got to do is open the package that comes to your door.

Is The Clothing Really Worth Double What I Pay For It?

Since we control the entire manufacturing process and work with the factories directly, we can keep quality high at fair costs. This helps transfer the savings over to our Five Four Club members.

Am I Committed?

As a Five Four Club member, you can pause and cancel your account at anytime after your first month of membership. We do ask our members to call in before the 10th of the month if they would like to cancel (please look under How Do I Cancel My Membership? for more info).


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